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October I 36

I’ve been a bit too busy to update the blog, so this entry will cover both the insurgent and loyalist turn. Now if I only could remember what happened then.

Insurgent divisions started popping up. Mostly near the Basque region, in Logrono, but one was determined to keep Toledo in my grasp. Tim had isolated San Sebastian from my other troops. The port provided some supply, but the most imperative thing to do this turn would be to clear the Malaga area and to ensure San Sebastian gets its supplies. I tried shipping stuff directly in San Sebastian, but most of it got turned back. (I’m in the middle of Oct II turn right now, and this is the first time I remember these. Need to add those shipments in my current orders.) Almeria was taken during the movement phase. Finally getting ports on the south coast making it easier to bring units to the front faster than from all the way from Cadiz. The former Malaga defenders got surrounded in the mountains and I decided to eliminate them. Hey, I just had gotten some glorious units from il Duce, they’ll wipe out any opposition in no time. Engineers were moved to the rail breaks to fix them next turn. I reclaimed the rail hexes to San Sebastian and I think I managed to secure them for the time being.

Italian CR.32bis’s staged an air show above Madrid (CAP mission). The Loyalist fighters were given orders to stop them but they refused and just sat on their benches watching the show (Patrol attack failed). The new bombers I had just received in San Sebastian tried to bomb th factory in Bilbao with no effect. Brequet 19 was sent to help repel the Loyalists near Santander. They were outside the Santander borders so I could attack them without risking the garrison activation. Asturias on the other hand had already released most of its garrison, so I might as well start fighting there. Especially as I had vacated that frigging rail hex a few turns ago and now it was preventing Oviedo from getting food in.

Brequet 19 flies a GS mission in 23A:1605


1 step attack supply (23A:1903) provides supply to Inf XX (23A:2301 – 3RE), 1-6 Inf III (23A:2302) (4/6RE used), 2-5 Inf X and 1-6 Art III (23A:1705) (6/6 used)


23A:1606 and 23A:1705 -> 23A:1605

Initial odds:      4 ¼ vs. 1 = 4:1

Militia:               3+1(air support)=4: Normal   4+1(non-clear)-1(enemy air support)=4: Normal

Incr CRT:           4: 4:1

Result:               6 -1(rough) = 5: DH, 1-6 Sec III eliminated

Survivor retreats to 23A:1505

All attackers advance


1 step of attack supply from Oviedo to 1-6 Sec III and 1-5 Inf X (23A:1207 – 2RE) and 1-2-6* Inf III, 2-5 Inf X, 1-6 Sec III and 1-6 Art III (Oviedo – 6REs)


23A:1206, 23A:1207 and 23A:1007 -> 23:1107

Initial odds:      4:0.5 = 8:1

Militia:               2: Falangist halved (3.75)        6 +1(Non-clear) = 7: Normal  -> Odds: 7.5:1

Incr CRT:           7: odds = 7:1

Result:               6 -2(wooded rough) = 4: DE

All units from 23A:1206 and 23A:1207 advance


1step of attack supply from 23A:2503 to 1-8 Cav III and 1-5 Inf X (23A:2502 – 2RE) and 3-6 Inf XX (23A:2434 – 3RE)


23A:2602 and 23A:2702 -> 23A:2601

Initial odds:      2:0.5 = 4:1

Militia:               1: The Falangist retreats to 23A:2503              2+1(non-clear)=3: Normal -> Odds: 1.5:0.5 = 3:1

Result:               2 -1(rough) -2(half AECD) = -1: Attacker halved. Eliminate 1-6 Inf III and 1-6 Eng III from 23A:2702 and 1-8 Cav III from 23A:2602

Survivors retreat to 23A:2801


23A:2501, 33:2434, 23A:2301 and 23A:2302 -> 23A:2401

Initial odds:      7.5 vs. 3 = 2.5:1

Militia:               6+1(non-clear) = 7: Normal

Incr CRT:           7 -> 2:1

Result:               4 -1(rough) = 3: Attacker Stopped


23A:3411 and 23A:3513 -> 23A:3512

Initial odds:      5:3 = 1.7:1

Militia:               2: Falangist halved                     2 +1(non-clear) = 3: Normal -> odds: 4.75:3 = 1.6:1

Incr CRT:           10 -> 3:2

Result:               4 -1(wooded) = 3: Attacker Stopped


23A:4516 -> 23A:4515

Initial odds:      2.5:0.5 = 5:1

Militia:               5: Normal

Result:               4: DR to 4315

All attackers advance


Attack supply from 23A:3822 to 2-6 Inf III, 2x 1-6 Inf III, 1-8 Lt Inf II (23A:3822 -3.5RE) and 2-6 Inf III and 2-1-8 Art III (23A:3922 – 2RE)

23A:3721, 23A:3820, 23A:3822 (minus 1-6 MG II, over the stack limit for mountain) and 23A:3922 -> 23A:3821

Initial odds:      7.5:2.5 = 3:1

Militia:               5+1(non-clear) = 6: Normal

Result:               1 -2(mountain) = -1: Attacker halved. Eliminate (23A:3822:) 2-6 Inf III (Col), 1-6 Inf III (Col), 1-6 Inf III, 1-8 Lt Inf II; (23A:3721:) 1-8 Cav III (Col); (23A:3820:) 3-2-6 Inf III and 2-1-8 Cav III (Col)

Survivors retreat to: 23A:4021, 23A:3819 and 23A:3620

The mountain proved a very tough nut to crack. I decided to just let them starve to death in a long run. It’ll tie up some of my troops but will cost me less men than trying to attack again.

End of Insurgent Turn

End of Insurgent Turn

Loyalist turn was up next. The French populace started protesting against helping the Bolshevists, so the government ordered the border to be closed. Good. That’ll give another headache to the Loyalists. In the initial phase, Loyalists rebuilt the BBTF that was destroyed a while back. It’s another 2 AA factors I need to be wary of. Not good. The ships started preparing a firing salvo. That means that Bilbao will attempt to sally, time to fly in the bombers for defensive air support. Basque units overran my mountain infantry battalion, but that’s pretty much what it was there for. To stop them reaching San Sebastian or blocking the rail line to it. My “Catalan screen” was still badly surrounded.  Brequet 19s went to support them. Loyalist Dewoitines went to intercept, but their pilots were too inexperienced. They failed to affect the Brequets, but the Brequets’ pilots and gunners practically eliminated the Dewoitine unit from the game. (As far as I can tell, they cannot re-enter. Loyalist is limited to 1 ARP expenditure per turn, and bringing back an Eliminated unit requires 2 ARPs.) The only ground attack Tim made eliminated by units that were sitting on the outskirts of Madrid in Guadalajara.

D.371 intercepts Bre.19

2 vs. 1 = 1

8: No effect

0 vs. 1 = -1

3: D.371 is killed


2707, 2608, 2709 and 2808 -> 2708

11:3 = 3.7:1

Militia:               4: Normal

Incr.:                   8 = 3:1

Combat:            2: EX, 1-6 MG II, 1-0-8 lt Tank III and 1-6 Eng III eliminated. 1-6 Lt AA III advances into Guadalajara.

End of October I 36

End of October I 36


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