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Oct II 36 Insurgent – The Weather Shows Up

For the first time during this war, the weather conditions change. Atlantic is no longer calm but the waves start being rough, and the northern half of Spain has rain that turns the ground into mud. This will make it harder for me to push the Republicans out of my areas and I need to start creating “killer stacks” to compensate for the general -2 modifier. Also, railroads really start playing an important role in moving stuff around.

I spent 1 resource point to temporarily increase my rail cap. I really needed that 10 extra REs of capacity to haul attack supply to where I will use it. There are four main objectives this turn, all related to supply:

  1. Oviedo needs to have its supply lines restored. The attack burned one step of attack supply, but Oviedo had 3 steps to begin with and it will produce more. That attack was a certain win.
  2. Madrid’s supply lines need to be cut. I claimed a rail hex on both the eastern and south-eastern rail line, and pushed for a more assertive measure on the southern rail line. Attack to re-claim Albacete succeeded – that’ll hopefully keep the international troops at bay for a while.
  3. Get the “Catalan screen” back in supply. That was managed by movement alone. Now a supply chain has been made at the same time cutting off some Loyalist units from supply as an added bonus.
  4. Keep Malagan nuisance out of supply. Let the bastards starve on their mountain.

I also made a bit of progress in the south, but the anarchists saw it coming and retreated before combat.

Air missions:

Logrono (23A:2201)                                  Bre.19 stages to Jaen (23A:3617) – range 31 hexes, waypoint 23A:3005 -> GS mission in Albacete (23A:3609) – range 8 hexes

San Sebastian (33:1932)            Mixed B transfer mission -> Vigo (23A:0617) – 26 hexes -> Huelva (23A:3027) – 25 hexes -> Almeria (23A:4317) – 17 hexes


Spend 1 step of attack supply at Oviedo (23A:1007: 1-2-6* Inf III; Oviedo: 2-5 Inf X (Req), 1-6 Art III, 3x 1-6 Inf III)


Oviedo (23A:1007), 23A:1008, 23A:1109 and 23A:1208 -> 23A:1108

Initial odds:                      8.5:0.75 = 11.33:1

Militia reliability:               3: Normal; 4 +1(non clear) =5: Normal

Incremental odds:                  10 -> 11:1

Combat result:                     5 -2(wooded rough) -2(mud) = 1: DH, eliminated

1-6 Bdr III and 1-2-6* Inf III advance


Spend 1 step of attack supply at Tomelloso (23A:3312) (all units in 23A:3510 – 6RE)


23A:3510, 23A:3610 and 23A:3710 -> Albacete (23A:3609)

Initial odds:                      11.875:1.75 = 6.8:1

Militia reliability:               5 +1(air support)=6: Normal; 2 -1(air support) =1: Int and PA halved  = 13.6:1

Incremental odds:                  7 -> 13:1

Combat result:                     1: DH. 1-2-6 Inf X (Int) eliminated, 1-6 Sec III retreats to 23A:3608

3-2-6 Inf III, 2-6 Inf III (Col), 1-6 Sec III and 3-6* Inf XX advance into Albacete.

Bre.19 will land in Albacete.


23A:4314 -> 23A:4313

Initial odds:                      2.5:0.5 = 5:1

Militia reliability:               1 +1(non-clear) = 2: Anarchists retreat to Lorca

1-6 Inf III and 2-6 Art III advance


End of Oct II 36 Insurgent turn

End of Oct II 36 Insurgent turn


One thought on “Oct II 36 Insurgent – The Weather Shows Up

  1. Hi there, good to see fwbt on the (virtual) table. I had a solo game going into late 1938 which saw the Republic almost defeat the insurgents, you can see a report over on board game geek. Stephen

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