Time to Start

OK. I’ve now officially given up on waiting for an opportunity to play Europa Series face to face. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks porting For Whom the Bell Tolls┬áinto Vassal. The ache to get to play it is becoming unbearable, so I’ve re-activated myself in the EuropaAssociation Yahoo group and asked for PBEM opponents. While I was doing that, I noticed a nice blog (http://cardboardwars.wordpress.com) and decided I’d like to do something similar. So here we go…

Some background: I’m a 44 year old man from Finland. In the late 80s I saw some magazines (General?) at my friend’s and noticed the ad for a comprehensive strategy game system. “I wanna” started then, and is still going. Right about then I also started playing/collecting ASL, so the tactical aspect was already covered. Once I got married, I moved to the States for a year, and managed to get a hold on a used copy of FitE and WD, and bought SoS and BF new. Later on, I purchased the Europa modules as they came available, but I’m still missing Wavell’s War and Total War (latter of which is about to be published right about now).

I’m also running/playing a few games in Fighting Wings series, and those games will be posted here, as well.