Oct II 36 – Loyalist Line Stiffens

We agreed to continue the game as a “What-if” scenario. To compensate for my unwarranted advantage we’ll use the Loyalist Tank Division optional rule, I’ll not take any of the limited replacements and will forfeit the next 5 inf RPs. Also, all clear weather for the rest of the year will be mud.

I did not feel great about this whole thing. I was so elated that I had the Loyalists somewhat in the ropes, at least surface area wise. Scoring-wise it may not be the case. Jan I 37 will start giving me some indication.

Anyhow. This turn Tim made some counter-attacks. The gutsiest one was an attack on Malaga – as Tim said, he’ll either get the units in his replacement pool (he has limited number of units to be able to be replaced and plenty of unused replacement points) or he gets Malaga, either way, it’s a win-win for him.

While I was trying to recover from my disappointment on the rules mistakes, I concentrated on improving the Vassal module. Now the map is a bit more uniform in color and I created new counters. One of the fanciest is the rail break, see if you can spot it. (The jpg is at 50% instead of its usual 33% this time.)

End of October - and a new Vassal module version (0.6 now)

End of October – and a new Vassal module version (0.6 now)