Work in Progress

Vassal module for For Whom the Bell Tolls is starting to get done. All Loyalist counters have been made, Insurgents will take time as I ponder whether I’ll include the WWII counters in the system or make a separate extension for them. Currently, I’m opting for a separate extension to keep the counter cluster somewhat manageable. In retrospect, I should’ve made the Civil War an extension, as well so that either could be loaded. Well, this was my first attempt with Vassal, so it’s still part of the learning curve. Now the next step is to figure out which Insurgent/Spanish counters belong to the Civil War and which do not, and that’ll take some time. Probably the best course of action is to follow the Insurgent order of battle. I had already done up to Aug I 36 (the initial setup plus a whopping two turns, woohoo).

Vassal Module - Start of Grand Campaign

Vassal Module – Start of Grand Campaign

A somewhat unrelated Work in Progress (aka. WIP), LaGG-3 is beginning to be assembled. Debating whether I’ll attach the landing gear already or spray-paint the lower surface first. A couple of other models are also waiting for their finishing touches – Ju 88A4 needs its decals (and some propeller blades reattached), Spitfire Mk VB needs finalizing (decals and a touch of paint here and there) and the latest, MS.406 will need its exhaust ports attached. Those will be somewhat challenging as they’re very thin photo-etched pieces and my success rate with photo-etched parts has been sub-par, big time. All of these are in 1/48 scale, in case someone is wondering.

Work in Progress - 1/48 models under constuction

Work in Progress – 1/48 models under constuction